Are you Get Rid of Baby Hiccups? Here is the Solution

Similar to the adults, baby hiccups are also caused by the tremor of baby’s diaphragm. In actual, the diaphragm is a muscle that touches the rib cage and goes up & down with our breath.

Not everyone has proper idea for baby hiccups because the rib cage’s tremor can happen for many reasons. Further, we have baby hiccups deferentially in different (baby) ages like;

  • When a newborn feeds too much, it causes hiccups.
  • When a baby eats any food quickly, then he/she gulp a lot of air and cause hiccups.
  • In the case of Swallowing food without chewing can create hiccups.
  • Gulping air with an empty mouth can create baby hiccups.
  • Overdrink of water can make your baby hiccupping.
  • Eating food without hunger can make hiccups.
  • Drinking a lot of water over a meal can make baby hiccupping.
  • A sudden change in stomach temperature can make hiccups in babies.

Well, these are a few main causes of what a baby can hiccup. In actual these are few reasons for which a human stomach can distend. In this distention, the stomach drives in contradiction of diaphragm and makes spams (hiccups).

Baby hiccups are mainly happening due to overfeeding, so don’t be worried. Change of stomach temperature can make your baby hiccupping also. I have an example of this condition like; give some sips of cold milk to your baby and then again give him some hot cereal rice. Surely this cold and hot combination will not suit your baby, and it causes hiccups.

How to get rid of baby hiccups:

After having some baby hiccup’s causes, let us have detail on the rid of baby hiccups.

No matter what cause makes your baby hiccup, being a parent; it is your duty to make your baby relax. After all hiccup is considered as an uncomfortable condition. Unless this condition is a painless, but long hiccups can make your baby irritate.

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Even fewer babies can sleep with their hiccups, but this would be better to get out of rid of it. Bellow methods are most effective for getting out of rid baby hiccups.

  • By changing feeding position can make your baby relax from hiccups. Sometimes they swallow feed in congesting, and that’s why they have hiccups.


  • Feeding your baby can reduce hiccups, but remember feed only he/she is hungry.


  • If you are feeding your baby continuously and still his/her hiccups are not stopping, then please take a break for a while and sit your baby onto hands.


  • Baby burping is another effective way that can make your baby ease from hiccups. For burping, you have to carry your baby on to the upright position. Surely with a while, he/she pass out gas as burping.


  • Offering pacifier will be good to your baby; if he is continuously hiccupping. This is only why, because regular sucking will help to calm your baby’s diaphragm.

Tip# after applying all these methods, if still, your baby is not calm then, please consult your family pediatrician.




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